Help Fix Unhandled Win32 Exception In Dllhost.exe Error

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If dllhost.exe has an unhandled Win32 exception, the following user guide may help you.

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    Win32 conditions are usually exceptions to dilemmas returned by Windows P / Invoked API schemas. To properly debug consumers, you may need to parse the Enable Native Debugging option in the Score and / or Ide settings.

    I have several memory intensive programs running on Windows Server 2003 at

    I recently received an error from the Visual Studio debugger,

    At first we suspected that the error was caused by this

    In the end we were able to stress test the application a few times and hope we did it

    Again the problem is on our side with the same PC configuration, but not very lucky

    “….. You may find this error:

    in ….> after configuring Visual Studio / SQL2005

    “Enable DEP only for essential Windows programs and services”

    “Set DEP to high for all software services except i

    1. Is it possible to simply revert the DEP option to the original one?

    2. If the server actually did this, there would be a segmental effect

    3. This will ensure that this setting is no longer changed by other people

    an unhandled win32 exception occurred in dllhost.exe

    Let us know if other layouts should be set to “prevent”


    Check out the guide for you to learn how to prevent our own timely debug dialog from appearing. Timely debugger: An unhandled Win32 exception occurred in the Outlook.exe (or other program) dialog because the application specified in the dialog could not start.

    The Just In Time Select Debugger dialog does indeed have the option to launch Visual Studio to resolve the error. Although Visual Studio is not installed anywhere else, itcannot debug errors of any type. The application crashes and even closes.

    Usually, if you want to prevent the Select On-Time Debugger dialog box from appearing, you need to disable the On-Time Debugger by following the instructions below. For

    how to stop the well-timed debugger. *

    * Note. The discussion box if “Well-timed debugger – an unhandled win32 exception …” is displayed when Outlook starts. In this case, follow these steps before proceeding to the following methods:

    1. Recover the actual data of the Outlook PST file and you should open Outlook.

    2. Repair your Office installation.

    Method 1. Change Data Execution Prevention (DEP) to the default settings.

    1. Right-click on “Select my computer and properties”.
    2. When finished, click Advanced System Settings.

    How do I fix an unhandled Win32 exception occurred?

    Another unmanaged Win32 has occurred.Remove the program from the Control Panel.Remove your antivirus software.Start Control Panel.Please activate the latest version of the .NET Framework.Run MSCONFIG.Disable all third party services.

    4. “Performance by Options” select this DEP tab.
    5. Select Enable DEP Essentials for Essentials for Windows programs and services only and / or click OK.

    6. RestartGo to your computer and check if the Just-In-Time Debugger chat window appears.

    Method 2: Disable the online debugger in Visual Studio.

    If Visual Studio is installed in the public domain, immediately disable the online debugger in Visual Studio. To implement it:

    1. Go to Control Panel -> Program Functions and.
    2. Highlight Visual Studio and click Change.

    3. In a new, fully open window, select the Individual Components tab.
    4. Disable the well-timed debugger and click Change.

    Method 3. Disable the registry debugger in a timely manner.

    1. Press Windows + R Tactics to open the command word field.
    2. In the “Open” field, enter: regedit and click “OK”.

    2. Locate Delete and therefore the following registry entries (in dangerous letters):

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft .NETFramework DbgManagedDebugger
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion AeDebug Debugger

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
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  • 3. If you are using a 64-bit operating system, also delete the correct registry entries (in bold):

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Microsoft .NETFramework DbgManagedDebugger
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion AeDebug Debugger

    4. Close Registry Editor and restart these computers.
    5. After restarting, the message “Online debugger – another equation not supported by win32 …” will disappear.

    * Note. If the Just-In-Time Debugger dialog is still displayed, go directly to Control Panel -> Programs in use and uninstall the Microsoft Visual Studion 2010 Shell (in isolation).

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    an unhandled win32 exception occurred in dllhost.exe

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    Une Exception Win32 Non Gérée S’est Produite Dans Dllhost.exe
    Wystąpił Nieobsługiwany Wyjątek Win32 W Pliku Dllhost.exe
    In Dllhost.exe Ist Eine Nicht Behandelte Win32-Ausnahme Aufgetreten
    Se Produjo Una Excepción De Win32 No Controlada En Dllhost.exe
    Er Is Een Onverwerkte Win32-uitzondering Opgetreden In Dllhost.exe
    Dllhost.exe에서 처리되지 않은 Win32 예외가 발생했습니다.
    Si è Verificata Un’eccezione Win32 Non Gestita In Dllhost.exe
    Произошло необработанное исключение Win32 в Dllhost.exe
    Ett Ohanterat Win32-undantag Inträffade I Dllhost.exe
    Ocorreu Uma Exceção Win32 Não Tratada Em Dllhost.exe