As3 Url Request Flow Error

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Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating an as3 url request flow error. This problem can have several causes.

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    indictment in public court(request:URLRequest):void

    Language feature version: ActionScript 3.0

    Runtime versions: AIR 1.0, Flash Player 9, Flash Lite 4

    Usually, the download starts from the URL specified in the request parameter.

    Note. If the currently loaded file contains non-ASCII characters, (as stated in many languages ​​other than English), it is generally recommended to save the file with UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding, as opposed to a non-Unicode format such as ASCII.

    as3 urlrequest stream error

    If the load method fails immediately, an IOError or SecurityError is raised. (including this local file security error) an exception was thrown describing the error. Otherwise, loading the URL will send open to the rendezvous. the receive starts or completes successfully, when an error occurs, an error event is actually dispatched.

    By default, bbb SWF files and uploaded URL families must be from the same domain. For example, a SWF file located at can load dataonly from sources also located at To download data from another website, place the URL policy file where the server hosts the data.

    In Flash Player because you can’t connect to normally reserved sockets. For a complete list of blocked ports, see the “Network API Restriction” section of the rule. ActionScript 3.0 Developer’s Guide.

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  • In Flash Player, you can prevent the SWF file from using this actual method with allowNetworking options for object and embed tags on the HTML page containing their SWF content.

    In Flash Player 10 and later, and AIR 1.5 and immediately after, when using a compound Content type (e.g. “multipart/form-data”) containing a bulge (indicated by the “filename” parameter in any “content-disposition” header type in the POST body), The POST process is subject to airport upload security rules:

  • The POST operation is intended to be performed in response to a user-initiated action, such as a mouse click or a keystroke.
  • If the POST operation is cross-domain (the POST recipient is not on the same server as the SWF file sending a POST request) The target server must have a URL policy file enabled that allows cross-domain access.
  • as3 urlrequest stream error

    In addition, most of the syntax must be valid for each multipart content type (according to RFC2046 standards). Usually, if the syntax seems invalid, the POST process obeys the security rules that are added to the uploads.

    These methods also apply to AIR themes in non-application sandboxes. However, in Adobe AIR, content is stored in the application sandbox (content that is installed with an AIR application). Not limited by these security restrictions.

    For more information about security, see the Flash Player Developer Center: Security.

    In AIR, a URLRequest can register for the httpResponse host event. Unlike this httpStatus event, the httpResponseStatus event also gave birthbefore any reply date. In addition, the specific event contains httpresponsestatus Values ​​for this, such as the responseHeaders and responseURL properties (which, of course, undefined via the httpStatus event. Note that often the httpResponseStatus event (if any) is sent before (and additionally) just complete error or Event.

    This is just a httpResponseStatus event listener, usually the response body the message is sent normally; HTTP and status code side effects always result in full concurrency. This is true whether the HTTP response status code indicates success or failure.

    AIR still has no httpResponseStatus event listener, usually the behavior is different focus on SWF version:

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    Erreur De Flux De Demande D’url As3
    Errore Di Flusso Della Richiesta Dell’URL As3
    As3 ошибка потока запроса URL
    Erro De Fluxo De Solicitação De URL As3
    As3 URL-verzoekstroomfout
    As3 Url Request Flow Error
    Błąd Przepływu żądania Adresu URL As3
    As3 URL 요청 흐름 오류
    Error De Flujo De Solicitud De URL As3