Troubleshooting The Brother Hl-5240 Printer

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    If you are troubleshooting the Brother hl-5240 printer on your system, I hope this guide will help you.

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  • Why is my Brother printer not printing even though it is connected?

    The most common reason for printing to stop on a connectedto the network of the Brother machine is a loss of correlation between the computer and the Brother machine. This may be due to insufficient space or carriage driver configuration. Once you can print positively, turn the firewall back on.

    Paper information will be transmitted when there is not enough compatible toner in the printer, which means that the old toner cartridge needs to be replaced. See instructions for replacing toner cartridges.

    After approximately 8,000 pages have been printed, the drum of some printers will begin to wear out, which may lead to deterioration.print quality even if the toner is full. For more information about repairing a new drum unit, see Replacing a new drum unit.

    Of course, the inside of the printer can get dirty, which also results in dirty and fragile documents. The inside of the printer needs to be cleaned. Read on for helpful information about cleaning the inside of your printer.

    How do I reset my Brother HL 5240?

    Brother HL-5240 – drum reset Simply pop open our custom front cover and hold down the “GO” button until all four LEDs light up. Release the GO button but close the front cover.

    Sometimes paper jams in the drum, which will certainly prevent other documents from circulating. The only way to clear a paper jam is to put the printer aside and, of course, manually remove the paper. For more information on clearing paper jams, see the Paper Jam Guide.

    The printer stops printing virtual documents due to lack of memory.

    If the printer needs to store too many documents, there is usually not enough memory to store all the instructions. The memory inside the printer must be replaced with larger memory to provide the required storage space. To add more memory to the printer, see the Printer’sto add more memory.

    Printed with high quality black powder, faded copy.

    If the printer is left open, dust may get inside and reduce the quality of accurate documents. Dust will likely contaminate the corona wire that should be above the printer’s drum. To recover dirty prints, clean the corona wire itself. For more information on cleaning this corona wire, see the Corona Wire Disposal Guide.

    brother printer hl-5240 troubleshooting

    Before using the printer, you need to set up the hardware and install the driver. Use

    How do I fix my Brother printer it won’t print?

    Check the main connection.Set the Brother printer as the default device in each case.Restart the print spooler service.Update the printer driver.Clear the queue from the list.Check for corrupted system files.Printing from several other programs.Reset your Brother printer to factory settings.

    Follow the Quick Printer Setup Guide. A copy is in the box.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Scan your computer for errors and fix them automatically

  • Please read the user manual carefully before using your particular printer. Keep the CD in a convenient place so that you can quickly access it when needed. You can also read a specific HTML User’s Guide by simply visiting our website
    http://solutions and downloading it Directly from the CD.

    Why am I getting an error message on my Brother printer?

    Sometimes the error condition occurs due to corrupted or outdated printer carriage owners. You can update Print Channels in Windows as follows: Open the Control Panel. Select Device Manager.

    Visit us at for answers to frequently asked questions and technical questions.

    A blinking paper light can be caused by the following reasons:

    1. Click the Cancel Job button to cancel the print job. Delete the order and print the statement on the computer. You can access the print queue very quickly by double-clicking the printer icon in the taskbar or dock.

    2. Turn off the printer using the power switch on the right side of the printer. Check if front policy is closed.

    3. Turn on the printer by holding down the GO button until the Toner, Drum, and Paper lights are on. They burn normally.

    brother printer hl-5240 troubleshooting

    5.New=”” Press the GO button 8 times. The green status light will flash briefly while the printer is resetting. After the printer is reset, the status indicator turns green.

    How do I print EPs data on a brother hl-5240/5250dn?

    The following settings are required to print EPS data: aFrom the Start menu, select Control Panel, then Printers1. 1Printers and Faxes for Windows®XP Users. bRight-click the Brother HL-5240/5250DN BR_Script3 Series icon and select Properties.

    6.New=”” Print your print settings by triple-clicking each of our GO buttons. If you are not printing customization pages, and the paper indicator lights up again, proceed to the next aspect: There is no paper in the paper tray.

    If you use the print settings pages, the problem is limited to printing on your computer. The paper source in the Brother printer driver, or possibly in the program you are printing from, must be set to Multi-Purpose and Manual Tray, not to Auto Select, Tray 1, or Tray 2 (if the paper tray is installed). paper). set). To check the paper source setting in most programs, click File and Page Setup or Page Setup. Depending on the software you are using, you must click the Paper Source tab or the Paper tab. In the Paper Source section, make sure the MP Tray or Manual option is barely listed. Select “Auto Select” or other source related to this submission form as 1. Click “OK”. Try printing the document again.

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