Troubleshooting Ccie Routing Switch Troubleshooting Teaching Labs

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    ccie routing switching troubleshooting practice labs

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  • Edition: 2.
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-378633-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-378633-0
  • The CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Hands-on Troubleshooting Labs are two complete troubleshooting labs in an exam-like file format that reflects the actual CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Lab exam. This publication gives you the opportunity, if you need to put into practice your own considerable theoretical knowledge on topics, to learn how theyinteract with these two on a larger technological scale.

    ccie routing switching troubleshooting practice labs

    The list of questions required for each section helps clarify and therefore maintain direction to ensure you don’t give up and jump right into the answers when you find the ideal assignment too difficult. After each individual workshop, you can use this e-book to compare settings and worksheets with all the answers you need. You can also take stock in lab mode, take and cut settings and paste them into your own lab equipment for lab testing and validation. Assessing each question lets you know if you passed or failed most of the labs.

    This extensive line of practice labs, sold elsewhere for hundreds of dollars, helps ensure buyers are ready for the grueling CCIE routing to complement the exam lab experience.

    Online Chapter Example

    Preparing for the CCIE 1 Troubleshooting Lab

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