How To Fix DVD Cyclic Redundancy Check Error?

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    If you encounter DVD cyclic redundancy check error, this guide will help you. If there is a transmission problem and the information does not match at both corners, an error occurs when determining the cyclic redundancy. This can happen through Windows when the disc is played in a number of programs such as DVD Shrink.

    Updated by Donna Peng –Cyclische Redundantiecontrole Dvd-fout
    주기적 중복 검사 Dvd 오류
    Errore Dvd Di Controllo Della Ridondanza Ciclica
    Erreur De DVD De Contrôle De Redondance Cyclique
    Erro De DVD De Verificação De Redundância Cíclica
    Error De Dvd De Comprobación De Redundancia Cíclica