Tips For Fixing Agent.exe Error 2753

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    If agent.exe error 2753 is found on your computer, this guide can help you fix it.




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    Any applications installed and fully using FLEXnet Connect to receive updates will no longer receive updates


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    error 2753 agent.exe

    SAP Crystal Reports Developer Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio

    • When installing SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, you may receive the following error:
    • Followed by:

    SAP Crystal version reports for Visual Studio 2010 terminated prematurely due to an error.

    • SAP Crystal Reports Visual for Studio this year! RTM version (without CR service pack installed)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    • Install Service Pack 5 or higher.
    • If Service Pack 5 is not possible, the decision to uninstall the new FLEXnet Connect component is reported as follows:
    1. Uninstalling Crystal Reports Visual for Studio 2010
    2. Download the FLEXnet Connect uninstaller from and run it.
    3. Remove (or move toeach backup directory) the following directories:

      C: Document Settings Everyone & Users Application Data Macrovision FLEXnet Connect

      C: Document settings Everyone & Users Application Data FLEXnet

    4. Reinstall Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

    dkaatz wrote:
    But it probably won’t. This streaming tool doesn’t seem to do anything to solve my problem of installing the old agent.exe where it already exists.

    – After installation, when I ran DNS, it checked for updates

    – FlexNet Connect Software Manager has appeared and a new message informing me about the 2017 update

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Scan your computer for errors and fix them automatically

  • 2) I was unable to click Update Now, but the link did not respond

    3) Even though there was a warning about available updates that I can click, all the Install or Download buttons were grayed out

    >> Not every Nuance DNS software developer works to keep Flexera IUSM code safe and secure – I’m not surprised – DNS is buggy software; I found 3 offices Scial errors in 1.5 months

    Wanting to make it easier for you to find both sources, I decided to restore FlexNet Software Manager instead of digging into the relative knowledge of Nuance technical support.

    – I have both the “latest” Software Manager (setup.exe) and FlexNet SoftwareManagerUnInstall.exe installed with this version of the site]

    – I tried installing this “latest” FlexNet …

    – Received “Error 2753. File agent.exe.” usually not marked for installation “

    – I started using the uninstaller to make full use of ISUM. It looks like it will work; received a message that FlexNet Software Manager has been removed

    – An attempt was made to reinstall the “latest” version of the Manager setup.exe software downloaded from this website

    – Received “Error 2753. File agent.exe.” is not a noticeable improvement for installing “

    – In the error log, I noticed that the installation failed and I complained that there is a newer version because agent.exe was already on the computer. Where? Hasn’t the uninstaller done its job of removing everything? : confused:

    – Installer Flag FlexNet indicates that an attempt was made to install version 6 from the address list c: program data Macrovision Flexnet Connect

    – I checked and … at the moment there were 2 directories: 6 and 11

    – Then I bought another directory c: programdata FlexNet with exact output of 2 directories 6 and 11

    The FlexNet Software Manager software downloaded from this website is NOT the latest version: it is version 6 and other payment companies like Nuance may make another later choice: crazy:

    error 2753 agent.exe

    The FlexNet uninstaller featured on this site does NOT clear everything in ISUM when uninstalled, so it will definitely prevent correct installation and has the ability to incorrectly uninstall a corrupted software manager

    Attempting to install a bad version, such as the version of ISUM f obtained from this site, on a large computer with an excellent design (for example, ISUM 11, supplied with DNS V13) fails with error 2753

    – Go to DNS V13 Administrative Settings and also disable Automatic Updates so FlexNet Software Manager will never be called again

    – Use the uninstaller program FlexNet to remove everything FlexNet Software Manager can do from a specific computer (although you know there are almost always leftovers)

    – Buy Revo Uninstaller Pro combined with “force uninstall” for People 2 directories

    Use “Advanced Scan” – remove all remaining entries from your registries, as well as all directories and documentation from your computer

    And you will be happy for the rest of your days without FlexNet Software Manager! : nice:

    And never check the DNS box again to automatically activate further developments as it will take forever the next time you start DNS as reinstalling this FlexNet software works

    You don’t need FlexNet Software Manager software anyway, as you have to use the DNS help menu to “manually check for updates” and this can work without FlexNet.

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