The Best Way To Remove Errors From Concurrently Running Programs

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    You may encounter an error that the parallel program is corrupted. It turns out that there are different ways to solve this problem, we will talk about them in the near future. A parallel program is an executable file that runs simultaneously with many parallel programs and online features, fully utilizing the capabilities of your hardware. Typically, a parallel program is a specific, data-intensive, long-running task, such as updating a run log or generating a report.

    I Ran Into This Situation Where I Needed To Test An Alarm That Was Triggered By A Simultaneous Software Error. To Test The Generated Alarm, I Modified The Procedure With The Code Below, Which Will Cause An Error.

    As Many People Know, There Are Two Required Parameters That Must Be Cleared For All Procedures Called

    Based on this particular business process, if an undefined exception can occur during a parallel program loop, we can exit that parallel program with an error/warning.

    Set ERRBUFF for the first parameter and RETCODE for the second. Mention them for the reason that the Variable type is out.

    0 – success
    1. Success and warning

    We could well set up a parallel programmmu to one of the above three states if she used those values ​​frequently in the retcode parameter.

    Example 1:

    Even you can use fnd_concurrent. To set set_completion_status, set the concurrency schedule to the overall status of the package, such as success, failure, and warning.

    The following is a really good example of a package that I can pass the total number of employees to and return their shortened name. No, if data is found to obtain an employee number, the emergency program turns YELLOW with the message “Employee not found”. If any other error occurs at this point, it will permanently turn RED with an SQLERRM message.

    Oracle has two methods for passing parameters OUT and IN OUT from PL/SQL code:

  • Pass by value. The default action is to create a solid temporary buffer (formal parameter), copy this data from the changing parameter (current parameter) to the buffer, and manage it for the lifetime of the temporary buffer procedure. AfterUpon a hasty completion of the procedure, the elements of the temporary buffer are copied back into the parameter variable. When an exception is thrown, less copying is done.
  • Pass by reference: Using this special NOCOPY flag tells the compiler to use pass by reference, so no temporary buffers are needed and only forward and backward copy operations are performed. Instead, any changes to our own value parameters are written directly to the parameter variable (the current parameter).
  • Hello! We encountered the following error while running some programs. All your programs have rdf as and exe. It is a computer software for editing XML.

    Parallel handler encountered oracle startup error*Report your parallel petition 62106212.

    Check the concurrent request log delivery and/or output file for more information.

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