What Causes Folder You Selected Does Not Contain Java Runtime Environment And How To Fix It

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In this guide, we’ll look at some of the possible causes that might be preventing your chosen folder from containing the Java Runtime Environment, and then we’ll suggest possible fixes that you can use to try to resolve the issue.

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    Error [fixed]

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    Where is my Java Runtime Environment located?

    A. Click the Advanced tab, then click Environment Variables. In the System Variables section, find the JAVA_HOME system variable. The JAVA_HOME gateway should point to the location where you saved when you installed the JRE.

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    [Solved] JRE Error

    folder you selected does not contain a java runtime environment

    I am trying for a small business to update our database in order to have software from MS Access 2000 that you can easily program, which will allow us to have a large database. During my investigation, I discovered to OOo that the underlying HSQLDB should be able to index up to 8GB. We hope we can migrate to this key fact system in our database.

    Why can’t I add a Java runtime environment to Ooo?

    It will be unclear which directory to choose to add the Java Runtime Environment. Almost any directory you keep will cause OOo above to display a specific message. The answer is that there is no such folder and there is no need to use this dialog at all.

    However, if we get 3.3.0 on our XP v.2002 SP on many OOo OOo computers, we still need to we will receive the corresponding error when opening the database:

    OpenOffice.org expects the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to support this task. The selected JRE is faulty. Select an additional version or install a new JRE and select it under Advanced – Options – OpenOffice.org – Java

    * Click OK *

    During connection, unable to establish data source “New Database”.

    Unable to find Java installation. Please check your installation.

    * Click OK *

    How do I install the Java Runtime Environment?

    In all Java Control Panels, click the Java tab.Click View to see how the Java Runtime Environment settings are displayed.Make sure the latest Java Runtime is enabled by checking the Enabled checkbox.Click OK to save the settings.

    Tools> Options> Java> Add> Program Files> Openoffice.org 3> JRE

    The only folder selected does not contain the latest Java Runtime Environment. Please select several different folders.

    In addition to Java 6, I uninstalled update 29 and restarted our own machine and the same details are repeated. The version of OOo we installed also came with a JRE (as you can probably see in the quote above where I tried to get it) combined with that JRE might not be recognized. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!

    All of these tasks require OpenOffice.org to run Java andYes Execution (JRE). Choosing a JRE is expensive. Please select a different version or configure a new JRE and select items under Tools – Options – OpenOffice.org – Java

    Failed to establish a connection to the “New Database” reference data. >

    Tool Options> Java> Add> Program Files> Openoffice.org 3> JRE

    folder you selected does not contain a java runtime environment

    The folder we selected does not contain the Java Runtime Environment. Please select a different folder.


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    Subject: JRE Error

    How do I fix JRE in LibreOffice?

    Restart LibreOffice and complete the task that caused the error for your entire family. You shouldn’t have the error anymore.Check under Tools -> Options -> Advanced that LibreOffice recognizes the Java runtime correctly.

    Win 7, AOO 4.1.6 Portable, LibreOffice 6.1. * and 7.0.1 (Java 1.7.81 and 1.8.0_281) using HSQL 1.8.10 and 2.4. *, PostgreSQL, mysql, SQLite
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    The throne wrote:

    Tools> Options> Java> Add> Program Files> Openoffice.org 3> JRE
    The directory you selected does not contain your own Java runtime environment. Otherwise, select a folder.

    It looks like people chose the ure folder in the OpenOffice.org installation. He probably doesn’tcontains Java (Java jre Runtime Environment)

    Tools> Options> Java> and click Add, then select the correct path to your current Java folder which contains the JRE;

    Click OK to exit. This dialog will show the Java JRE version number. 6


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    Subject: JRE Error

    Not sure why, but I am not getting JRE error right now. Strange … thanks for the relief! I’m sure I will need a lot of help along the way.

    Why does my Mac say unable to locate Java Runtime?

    The message “Unable to load Java Runtime Environment” means that experts say the Mac cannot load the JRE either because it is out of date or (more commonly) afterwards that the product has not yet been released, downloaded and installed. It can also happen that the OS X computer was updated by you, for example, to 10.14 Mojave, and not 10.13 Maverick.

    When opening the database, I no longer get the JRE for each of our errors, but when I connect my own MS Access MDB to the directory, the form that controls everything about our database functionality does not appear. When I click on the All Forms tab, the form is currently unavailable. When I click compile wizard, I get JRE error again.

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    Subject: Error

    We solved my problem using the link provided. Someone recommended reinstalledinject OOo and uninstall it in a custom way and prevent OOo from buying Java. Now we have no problem with JRE when using java u29 personal credits. Thanks for your precious help!

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    Subject: [Solved] JRE Error

    Experimenting with paths for the JRE usually solved the problem I ran into. Thanks for posting.

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    What version of JRE is installed on Windows Vista SP2?

    System: Windows Vista SP2 32-bit with JAVA 7 Update 3 (jre1.7.0_03) installed. When I try to use something in OpenOffice.org that requires a JRE (eg File> Wizards> Letter)

    Выбранная вами папка не содержит среды выполнения Java
    De Door U Geselecteerde Map Bevat Geen Java Runtime-omgeving
    La Carpeta Que Seleccionó No Contiene Un Entorno De Tiempo De Ejecución De Java
    선택한 폴더에 Java Runtime Environment가 포함되어 있지 않습니다.
    Wybrany Folder Nie Zawiera środowiska Wykonawczego Java
    La Cartella Selezionata Non Contiene Un Ambiente Di Runtime Java
    Der Ausgewählte Ordner Enthält Keine Java-Laufzeitumgebung
    Mappen Du Valde Innehåller Inte En Java Runtime Environment
    Le Dossier Que Vous Avez Sélectionné Ne Contient Pas D’environnement D’exécution Java
    A Pasta Selecionada Não Contém Um Java Runtime Environment