Troubleshooting Making Online Radio With Winamp

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Here are some easy ways to help you figure out how to create an online radio with Winamp.

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    What do you need.In the User Source DSP window, select the Output tab.In the Output window, select the Catalog tab.Now select check encoder – under Encoder type select MP3 encoder.Before streaming, make sure everyone has scheduled a live stream together, which you can connect to anytime.

    You can use Winamp to listen to online radio andperhaps create your own radio station. Winamp gives you access to thousands of radio stations powered by SHOUTcast Internet Radio technology. To access the list of platforms, follow these steps.

    Create And Listen To Online Radio Stations

    How do I use Winamp online radio?

    Open Winamp. Go to the Media Library tab, select Online Services and select SHOUTcastRadio. Select a radio station from the SHOUTcast Radio progressive menus and search for a specific station. To listen to the station, click Tune.

    • Open Winamp
    • Click the Media Library tab.
    • Then click “Online on Services”> “SHOUTcastRadio”

    Important: This information is mainly for older 1.x tools – ideas for 2.x tools coming soon

    How to tune in an Internet radio station

    So, would you like to have space for internet radio? Great! Nullsoft has therapy for you. This is Shoutcast.

    This is how it works now. They have a great dj for streaming the server. This server listens to the DJ, listeners connect to the server, the server also broadcasts a signal and multiple listeners.

    WinampShoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp

    , server for streaming, your own good Your server connection, optimistic server bandwidth and one or two MP3s.

    Server Configuration

    Now your organization can either use an external server vendor for the server, which you usually have to pay for, or run the server in its own chassis. If you are looking for a suitable server provider, please refer to

    This thread

    for a list of organizations. If you want to run the server with your own strategy, you can get the latest Shoutcast DNAS server from


    for all Windows platform and platform * nothing. If you choose to run a specific server on your system, make sure your ISP’s Acceptable Use Policy allows you to run the servers and that you have sufficient bandwidth. You can find bandwidth calculators here


    it is useful that you actually have your own server. The first step might be to configure it.

    Install the software on your server. In Windows, the user hasThere are two types of servers, GUI version and Console selection, on * NIX systems they only offer a console version.

    When the files have compiled a file named sc_serv.ini, edit it. If you are using Windows, the GUI version should be available from the edit link in the best Start menu. The main reservations in this file are loaded below:

    Necessary things

    how to create online radio with winamp

    You need to change this to reflect the number of users the client can handle in your bandwidth, this ini file is well commented and / or tells you how to do this.


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  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
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  • The security of your Shoutcast server is essential to connect and manage. Change it to something more secure “changeme”! what do you remember about this process! You will need it later every time you connect to streaming.


    This is the main port your Shoutcast server runs on. Make sure this port is not blocked by your ISP’s firewalla. Change it if your family wants it too, but the default port 8000 is usually fine.

    Configuring logging

    Can I create an online radio station?

    Starting an online broadcaster can be simple and only requires a personal internet connection and inexpensive radio broadcasting software like Airtime Pro.

    The towing options are now good to get you started.

    Network configuration


    If you already have a switched and dynamic IP address, it should be EVERYONE. Show solidarity when you are onlineIP address

    . If the server points to your broadcast, you can set it to “127.0.0”. This allows one to connect to other computers as well.

    IP address

    This is whatever IP address your clients connect to. Leave EVERYTHING as shown in the file unless your tools have multiple IP addresses. This is due to the Deal Web 2.0 issue.


    If you are behind the ISP storage cache, set it to 666, but YP can also figure out your real IP and provide it to you.

    Search by name

    RelayPort and RelayServer

    If you haven’t developed enough bandwidth for all of your guests on one server, you would be moving your stream to another computer. If this setting isIf Vera was a staging server, uncomment the channels and assign them the IP address and Internet port you want to redirect.

    The rest of the file is extended resources. If you’re curious about what they do, read the documentation for the application and play with them. You can leave them alone if everyone just wants to install and transfer everything. Other templates besides sc_serv in .ini is the area associated with this article.

    Then you need to start from the server. This can always be done from DOS in a host of Windows 98 or using a command on the W2K or NT command line. If you have a GUI version, you should use that to launch the link that the installer has no doubt added to your start menu. This is slightly different (but not even that much) on * NIX systems, but if you’re on a * NIX network and need this help, I don’t think you should end up with * NIX.

    DSP Shoutcast Setting

    Once you have inserted the DSP plugin into your Winamp, you can start Winamp and then the DSP plugin:

    Preferences (Ctrl-P)> Add-ons> DSP / Effect> Select Nullsoft ShoutcastSource DSP … “

    Once you select one, the Shoutcast DSP field will be taken into account. First select their Encoder tab. Select an encoder (use encoder 2 because encoder 1 has a bug), select an encoder type (currently only MP3) and you should have a baud rate format and buyers want to stream in all the encoder dropdowns -Options ” select.

    Then select the Output tab and select an output (default output 1 is very good). Click the Connect button if not already selected. Enter the server address (“localhost” if the DSP and server are on the above computer). In the Port field, enter the desired port

    . havePortBase
    how to create online radio with winamp

    which contains the sc_serv.ini file (8000 by default). Enter the password you chose when editing the sc_serv.ini file. Complete the selection of the encoder number you specified.

    How do I get SHOUTcast on Winamp?

    Download Winamp from this link.Click Next, let alone choose where to install it.Install full features (all features).Really complete installation.Select the installation location above, click Next,Select the complete installation and click Install.

    If you want to set up your personal server

    Click the “Yellow Pages” button to successfully click the “Login” button. Make sure the “Make this server public” checkbox is selected. Then enterEnter illustrative information about your feed in the appropriate fields below.

    Other Shoutcast DSP options are not covered here as they are beyond the scope of this article.

    After you have made all the settings, click the “Connect” button. Start playing the MP3 files that you want to stream to the Internet. If everything is configured and therefore working correctly, the DSP should intercept the server start and stream to the world. Topic

    This is a fresh start for THEMikes’ Sawg update

    How to create an Internet radio stationWinamp foums

    . Some parts are usually impudently copied from this thread, thanks to him too.

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