The Best Way To Fix Sent Message Search Issues In Windows Live Mail

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    In this guide, we will discover some possible reasons that might cause sent messages to be found in Windows Live Mail, and then we will provide possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Otherwise, go to File > Tools > Options, which should open a tabbed window. Click on the Submit Actual tab. Here you will see the option to save a copy with sent messages in the Sent Items folder.


    Mike SF, D.C., is reporting a specific issue to me. It “can’t find sent and digital messages in Windows Live Mail. The “Submitted for each of our items” folder is empty. Another user working at my home has the exact same problem. We both use Live Windows Mail. Can you tell me how to solve this problem? ?

    As you know, any existing mail client will always keep a copy of the sent mailbox in the “Sent” or “Correspondence” folder. This feature can also be found in Internet mail information such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! email.

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    Why didn’t the Windows Live Mail rescue program send messages to Mike’s computer? I took a quick look at the email client options and settings and found a possible technique. If you also encounter this error, follow these steps.

    Settings For Email Messages Sent From Windows Live Mail And Options

    How do I retrieve sent items in Windows Live Mail?

    Right-click on the Windows Live Mail folder, but also select Restore Previous Version. This will most likely be the Windows Live Mail Properties window. On the Previous Versions tab, click the restore button. Windows scans the system and initiates recovery procedures.

    Where are messages stored in Windows Live Mail?

    The default location is %systemdrive%UsersuserAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Mail. You may need to uncheck Hide protected operating system files here in order to be able to find this folder and its contents.

    Go to Tools -> Options and a multi-tabbed window should open. Click on the “Send to” tab and make sure each of our first “Save a copy of the moved messages to the Sent Items folder” options is checked. If it wasn’t even like that, you know why you had this particular problem, right? Also, don’t forget to click the “Apply” button in the software and then the “OK” button.

    how to find sent messages in windows live mail

    After making andchanges, a copy of any email sent from Windows Mail Live is saved here in the Sent Items folder. This turned out to be a quick and easy solution to the problem of sending a message not found in Windows Live Mail, right?

    By default, all messages sent to you are stored in a specific Sent Items folder. If this is not the case on your computer system, someone (perhaps you) has accidentally changed your Windows Live Mail settings. It’s important to save all messages sent to your account, so you can keep track of all old conversations and quickly and easily resend an email if needed.

    Advice. If Windows Live sends emails but doesn’t save sent messages even though this setting is enabled, it can often be because the Sent Items folder directory is corrupted. As another person (Ray Smith) suggested, deleting all emails in the folder and restarting the email client solves this problem.

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    how to find sent messages in windows live mail

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  • I created my emails in Windows Live and sent and received emails. I can send and receive email very well. But the only emails saved in my outbox are emails that I can send from webmail. Can I still save created emails sent via Live Mail?

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    Hello Milehighdesigns,

    Thank you for asking about saving sent messages in Windows Live Mail. I don’t know what theme you are using, but here are the instructions for Windows Live Mail 2011:

    Open Windows Live Mail
    Click directly on the Windows Live Mail menu in the ribbon menu (to exit Home)
    From the drop-down menus that appear, select Options > Email
    .In the options window that appears, tap the “Submit” tab
    Install Checkbox “Save copies of sent messages in the Sent Items folder”

    If you’re using an IMAP connection for email, you can even do the following:

    Choose your award-winning Windows Live Mail account
    Click on the “Accounts” tab
    Click the Properties icon
    above the menu.In the Properties window that appears, click the IMAP
    tab.In the “Folder” section, as the path to the root folder, enter something like “Inbox” (without quotes)

    This should tell Windows Live Mail to store your personal sent messages in the sent file on the server.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions or need further assistance.


    Christ N.

    It took me two days to look into this, but it was absolutely informative for me… Also note the “sent items” and “sent” market instead of “sent emails”, folder names with capital letters, etc. e.

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