How To Fix M4 Not Found Error

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    If you get the m4 not found error code, today’s blog post was created to help you.

    Usually on Ubuntu, you just need to run the apt-get install m4 installation, which is m4 (assuming you have an internet connection) or package m4 and copy it there.

    As you did it, m4 loved to install it in / usr / local / m4 / bin , so you really need / usr / local / m4 / bin / m4 adding / usr / local / m4 / bin to your PATH . Alternatively, you will probably do a fresh install with

      ./configure && assist && sudo make install 

    m4 can be purchased from / usr / local / bin , which should already be in your PATH .

    If you’ve installed a newer version of Ubuntu on your development machine and viewed an open source build coupon that uses “autoconf” to generate a build makefile, chances are you will see an error there. find:

      / bin / bash: m4: command not found  

    GNU ‘m4’ is considered a UNIX-like implementation of macroprocessors.

    “m4” is your macro processor in the sense that it falsifies its inpute over the weekend and expands the macros bit by bit. Macros can be built-in or customizable, become secure, and take up unlimited points. In addition to simply expanding the macro “m4”, it has built-in functions for including callable files, executing shell commands, participating in integer arithmetic, various ways of manipulating text, performing recursions, etc. “m4” can be extended to be used as an external interface for activating the compiler or as a macro in your own processor.

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  • Autoconf needs GNU “m4” to provide “configure” scripts, but not to abort them. Sudo

      $ apt-get install m4  


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    This short tutorial will show you how to install m4 (Macro Processor) on Ubuntu Linux Server. The process is very simple. For this actual tutorial, I am installing m4 package 1.4.10. The Linux kernel is 2.6.15-26-powerpc. I used Mac mini (powerpc / ppc architecture). GCC version number 3 is 0.3. Your installation may be different from mine, but the installation steps listed here should work fine for most layouts with little or no changes (including other distributions Linux and therefore even Unix systems, for example. MacOS X).

    M4 (general Purpose Macro Processor):

    “GNU m4a is definitely a general-purpose macro processor. For more information see ”

    Before you start, make sure the latest version is available for: a. Visit for rough versions of the available versions. IMPORTANT: See “Configuring Ubuntu Linux After Installation” to add the developer tools needed to build and install m4 from the vendor code.

    The steps to download, compile and install can be as follows. Note: replace 1.4.10 depending on your version number:

    Download from ftp: // ftp m4: 

    Extract documents from downloaded package -xvzf:

     tar m4-1.4.10.tar.gz 
     CD m4-1.4.10 



     ./configure --prefix = / usr / local / m4 

    Replace “/ usr / local / m4” above with the path to the directory where you want to copy the files and version. Note. Make sure everyone loses.

    Compile M4:




     sudo make install 

    m4 not found

    This is installation

     make an article. The m4 (universal processor) macro was recently installed successfully. 

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