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    In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the potential causes that can lead to a minidump and then outline the possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem. Minidumps are files created with large areas of memory associated with a failed process. If the method doesn’t work, the minidump is written back to the user’s hard drive and can then be loaded into Sentry. The minidump usually contains: the execution stack for each thread that was active at the time of the crash.

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    It happened. Out of the blue, you’re making a game, watching a video, or just reading the whole world when your operating system decides who it doesn’t want to partner with, and suddenly you come up with a BSOD in addition to Blue Screen of Death. BSOD is something that no Windows employee wants to see because it tactically causes your system to crash, resulting in three hundred dollar wasted time and possibly even data loss.

    Perhaps the worst part of the blue screen of all deaths is that it can be the result of any number of problems, from a faulty piece of hardware to a driver error that helps you find . there are page faults in a brand new nonpaged region (no real file was found in memory). However, all is not lost, or we will show you strategies for activating and using the minidump log file to diagnose the problem.

    Why Do You Need A Minidump File For BSOD Diagnostics

    How do I find my minidump?

    Click Search frequently on the taskbar and type WinDbg,Alternatively, right-click on WinDbg and select Run as administrator.Click the File menu.Click Start Debugging.Click Open Dump File.Select the dump file in a directory such as% SystemRoot% Minidump.

    In previous versions of Windows, BSOD showed at least some usefulerror codes. However, in Windows 10, you get an on-screen code to enter and search, and a QR program to use with a simple phone call. However, this only sends you the Microsoft website and provides this description of some of the error codes.

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    What’s useful for most of us is how to configure Windows to save the BSOD-related batch information file, and how to fix the error. This is called a trusted minidump file. For

    How To Configure Windows When You Need To Save A Minidump File.

    By default, the option to create a minidump image is not selected, so you may need to enable it. Do it now, even if you are not getting BSOD due to some problem or your family will not have a log if I say there was a crash.

    1. Open the “Properties” menu in the control panel. Can a person get there by typing “sysdm.cpl” in the search box using Windows. Or go to Settings-> System-> About and Advanced and move the system settings and.

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    If enabled, a full minidump is generated in the% SystemRoot% Minidump folder every time Windows crashes. You can also change this setting if you like. However, if you do, keep in mind why most of the troubleshooters for each of our default minidump logs are in this location. So it’s best to leave it as it is. This is trueit also translates to C: Windows Minidump.

    So Read The Minidump, See What Caused Your BSOD

    Now that you see that the minidump is configured, you need an application that can read your file and provide some useful information. A tool called BlueScreenView is recommended for this.

    You can download BlueScreenView by going to the official site and choosing the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the application.

    What is the Minidump folder?

    A Windows minidump can be a small file that is saved on your computer whenever I say the computer shuts down unexpectedly, like when you get a BSoD. This file is saved in the directories C: Windows minidump as well as C: Winnt minidump, depending on your Windows application.

    After trying to find a tool, you need to focus it in one place for it to run.

    (header image: Tom’s Hardware)

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  • Once the tool is saved in the directory, double-click the BlueScreenView icon to launch it. Then BlueScreenView will de facto check the location of the minidump and current logs that were just generated. If you have a lot of problems or haven’t completely removed the development of minidump files,then you just need to remember the dates associated with the journals.

    Using BlueScreenView To Understand Minidump Files

    The first time you use BlueScreenView, you will get several groups of information that may seem confusing at first. However, this outline is simple and focuses on the important information you start with at the end.

    The files or applications that caused the crash are highlighted in red again, giving you a good idea of ​​where to start troubleshooting.

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    In this screenshot, we can see exactly where the issue was found on this minidump that affected Ultimate files; dxgmms2.sys, ntoskrnl.exe and watchdog.sys.

    Further down the top, we can see in the right column who exactly caused the crash. It’s in the asterisk, we can see that this watchdog.sys caused the problem. This is a good place to start as you can now take a look Go to Google or Bing to see how this could be a major issue and possible solutions.

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    We know who is behind watchdog.sys, but what about dxgmms2.sys and ntoskrnel.exe? Since they are affected, we also need to find hundreds of files. This can also be checked from the inside. A quick check on Google reveals that dxgmms2.Is sys is one of the Windows DirectX drivers and ntoskrnl.exe is the system kernel executable that is responsible for running the system.

    From this point of view of the Windows minidump file, we can conclude that the BSOD was probably caused by an issue with the graphics driver and passengers in the past, usually installing a newer version associated with it. in the driver or reinstalling the old driver can be corrected.

    What If A Hardware Error Appears In The Minidump File?

    While driver problems are always easy to fix, a BSOD that appears to be caused by faulty accessories is a different matter entirely. The FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE error is a perfect example of this. Here, anyone can use a handy application like BlueSceenWindow to find the cause of the error. However, in the case of hardware crash there is no magic solution to fix it. For this particular error, we will say that the consequences of this error were conditional, which will help the installed memory module.

    To find out if this is really the reason, you should check your RAM. There are several ways to handle this; Using a hardware RAM checker or application. Since users don’t have access to a better physical storage validator, we’ll just select the routing app. Fortunately, Microsoft provides you with a built-in memory diagnostic tool, which is unfortunately included to make this possible in Windows 7. To use it, open a startup prompt and the “mdsched” class.

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    What is a minidump error?

    A Windows minidump is a small file that is generated whenever an unexpected error is currently encountered in the Windows operating system, for example:

    You have two options; Now reboot or check if the situation occurs when you followstart my favorite computer again. If you select the Must Be Responsible option, be sure to save your final work because Windows is about to shut down.

    As soon as the computer restarts, the RAM checker is loaded and starts the memory for decryption. Depending on the installed space, this process may take some time. As you run the tests, you will see an improvement bar and overall health. Any errors that you might encounter may appear in the Success Records section.

    (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware)

    Once the test is complete, a memory change occurs when Windows starts. If there are no errors at this stage, you can assume that your memory is not to blame.

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