How To Fix Nikon D50 Cha Code Error Easily

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You may come across an error message indicating the Nikon D50 Cha code error. It turns out there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and that’s what we’re going to do now.

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    Currently, when the CompactFlash memory card of a Nikon digital SLR camera is actually full, the LCD screen may display a “CHA” error. And if you press someone’s play button while the “CHA” error rate is flashing, you will get the error “THIS CARD CANNOT BE USED.” SOLUTION one – turn off the camera and then turn it on again.

    I put the Sandisk ultra2 2go certificate in my d-50 for 6 years, he writes on the site and formats. I have a large 4GB Transcend SD card that can also be used in the d-50, but the d-50 assembly does not format it. I need to format while my wife has my D-90.
    The D-50 can only handle SD cards, not new handcrafted SDHC cards.


    Re: Nikon D50 does not recognize new memory card

    I just bought a set of 2 2GB PNY SD cards for my D50 – it won’t format them – will format them in my D7100 – the D50 won’t recognize them anyway

    Re: Nikon D50 does not recognize new memory card

    nikon d50 cha code error

    My D50 would never have been recorded. 4 GB per card as manual says.

    Subject: Nikon D50 Won’t Recognize New Memory Card

    Nikon d600 Nikon d7100 Nikon d750Tokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f / 2.8 DX Sigma 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC APO OS HSM Lens +2 more

    Subject: Nikon D50 Does Not Recognize New Map Memory Ability

    Mooswings wrote:

    Sassafras Films writes:

    nikon d50 cha code error

    Hello! I have a Nikon D50 so I recently bought a new Sandisk Extreme III 4G SD card to replace my old Sandisk card. My problem is that our camera does not recognize my card account and I am getting a CHA error in my viewer. I still recognize my old Sandisk tarot card, the only two-card option is that the good old card is 2G, not 4.

    What does cha mean on Nikon?

    The camera will display “CHA” on the top LCD screen. The camera has detected the wrong partition type or is not working correctly. Reformatting the card may make it usable. If 1 approved card says “CHA”, contact the card manufacturer for assistance.

    A few months ago I got a CHA error on my camera and I didn’t want to read Memory Mastercard either. Had to deliver repair the entire board. But since then it works fine with my current old memory card.

    What does CHR mean on my Nikon D50?

    The message “CHA / CHR” is flashing This error indicates that all problems have occurred with your memory card. Your best bet is to format your memory card with your camera rather than formatting the problem on your PC or Mac. If you are unsure how to format a memory card in your camera on the go, refer to your camera’s instruction manual.

    I formatted the latest card in camera and computer but nothing seems to help. Does anyone practically have any suggestions?

    Thank you !!!
    Sassafras Films

    The D50 can operate at speeds of about 4-5 MB / s. don’t write faster, so there is no benefit to using something much faster than a Visa or Master Card SD-6. And as others have pointed out, the device cannot read SDHC cards and is not designed for more than 1GB, in practice a maximum of 2GB. Unfortunately, you overbought the Extreme III 4G. The problem is that Sandisk no longer makes standard SD cards. Something like this, available on Amazon, was what he needed:

    Shortly after adding the D50, I thought about doing an experiment with a 4GB SD master card. D50 was unable to figure it out. I spoke to Nikon, a technician. Service agentDelay, which has stated to many as far as they know that the maximum card size the D50 is compatible with is 2GB. In addition, the I / O routines of the D50 memory card were written using FAT32 code / libraries, which will use 4GB SD cards, but this cannot guarantee anything.

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  • I finally got the chance to format a 4GB card in one of my P&S cameras (I often remember one). It was formatted correctly and when I was working then the card wiped out in the D50. But when I tried to format the card in the D50 it became unusable again because I had to reformat it in the P&S camera before the D50 recognized it again.

    Some have managed to format 4GB cards on their computers (I really didn’t know about it at the time), but this item didn’t work for me because one particular computer was an older one running the first one associated with it Windows 95 version not supported by FAT32.

    Why won’t my Nikon D50 take pictures?

    The D50 will not take a picture (I think) if it cannot focus unless it is in capture mode “M” (as opposed to auto assist), even if you set the camera’s light switch to the “M” position. It is possible that with this camera in “automatic mode” an attempt is made to make sure that the star is in focus.

    Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows Me are currently the only Microsoft operating system platformsthat can access FAT32 volumes. MS-DOS, the original version of Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0 do not recognize FAT32 and partitions, but they cannot boot from a FAT32 zone. In addition, FAT32 volumes cannot be used correctly if the computer is using a different operating system (for example, a Windows 95 or MS-DOS boot disk).

    What does cha mean on a Nikon D70?

    Nikon D70 / D70s CHA error seems to be fundamental witha fight that cannot be recorded to the card, but can also be caused by many different situations, including: 1) CF chassis failure / failure.

    At one point, using the 4GB card was harder than it was worth, so I only used 1GB and 2GB SD credit cards, and less until I switched from your current D50 to the D90.

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