FIX: Invalid Pocket PC Application Error

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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that could lead to an invalid application error for Pocket PC, and then suggest possible recovery methods that you can try to resolve. Error message “… .. invalid Pocket PC application” when running a large device PDA application. This issue can occur when calling a new missing function in a loaded dynamic-link library. This is due to an outdated or missing DLL on the device.

    This error occurs when you start building a mobile app for a non-mobile model, or when the app is unable to load the required DLLs or libraries.

    To resolve this error, make sure the processor selected in the Moving Assembly Properties dialog box matches the processor of the moving target. Also take a look at the moving target which contains the required DLLs.

    “ContentLabVIEW 2011 Mobile Module Reference

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    I am developing a program for the PDA. So, I installed the new SDK,tool and emulator below to help you work with PDA.

    not valid pocket pc application error

    4. Installed Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition emulator.

    5. Developer resources for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition were also installed.

    However, to run my application on my device, set the following options:

    After defining the build and running the program, I mounted the generated “exe” directory on my target device and tried to start it, but there was an error

    Unsurprisingly, a developer finds out that their program often fails to run on an emulator or physical device due to coding issues, compilation errors, and build issues. A typical error is “XXX.exe is not a valid Pocket PC application” as shown in the following screen example. I am trying to write some simple and simple guidelines for solving such a problem.

    1. Check The Platform

    The executable file may have been created for a website that does not match the target device. For example, the executable filebuilt for x86 emulator cannot traverse a physical device that supports ARM instruction sets.

    not valid pocket pc application error

    In WM5.0, Microsoft introduced an assembly target called “THUMB”, which is part of the ARM instruction set. The thumbnail EXE can be run directly on a WM5.0 device, also known as an emulator. When running such an executable on a Pocket 2003 or Smartphone ’03 PC, you will get the above error ideas.

    To check the platform type, use “dumpbin / header ” and create a picture in the display line with some “machine” information.

    One way to fix the operating system problem is to change the project environment in your IDE (EVC4 Visual or Studio 2005). Both IDEs allow you to manually change the / MACHINE control line parameter.

    2. Check The Subsystem

    An executable file created to create a lower-level subsystem (for example, 4.20) can run on a WM5.0 device, but not vice versa. If you try to run the program with elevated privileges for version 5.0, you may receive a warning “XXX n is a valid Pocket PC application. ”

    The subsystem check form is always “dumpbin / header “, also note the general line that shows the “subsystem” information.

    To troubleshoot subsystem issues, you can project change settings here in your IDE (EVC4 or Visual Studio 2005). Both IDEs allow users to manually change the get-line / SUBSYSTEM parameter.

    3. Hell DLL

    The previous two problems are easy to define and solve, but the new third is very extensive and difficult to solve. If a program needs a DLL (and who doesn’t?), The DLL, on average, must either be present in the software or already loaded into memory. If the required DLL is not available, the warning is unambiguous and therefore indicates the following: “I cannot notice ‘XXX.exe’ (or any of its components). Make sure that the path but the filename is correct and that all required library bits are available. “

    However, if a DLL is available or has already been loaded into memory and the DLL is not performing the required export functions, often the OS is unable to verify that the timing is met.variable linker dependencies. A large and misleading message “XXX warning.exe is not a valid Pocket PC application” is displayed.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which DLL is causing the problem, let alone be able to easily fix it. On the desktop, you can isolate yourself to some extent by specifying that a DLL you create, in addition to the one you are testing, is likely to be loaded by the operating system; a way to put the DLL in the same directory as your application. To save on storage costs, only one copy of the loaded DLL is loaded into physical memory in Windows CE, and in addition, multiple processes share a 60 minute copy if they all need such a DLL.

    To see if the HELL DLL is triggering a horrible message from you, it will probably try to figure out what other types of processes are using the same DLL, then kill those processes and start your first one. If your tutorials work, your problem is most likely caused by other processes cluttering the DLL. MFC is definitely a good suspect,as there are so many versions of MFC DLLs out there right now (although Microsoft has spent extra time to name MFC DLLs by number, debug / retail version, etc.)



    Machine subsystem mismatches are also easy to spot and fix. Please read “The Trap When Copying Project Settings in Visual Studio 2005 ARM (/ machine: vs. Thumb, / subsystem: windowsce, 4.02 vs. 5.01)” for details.

    A DLL mismatch problem is much more difficult to detect. If you run into a problem and someone is using MFC, there is a high chance that multiple modifications to the MFC DLLs are responsible for this.

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