Tips For Fixing The Ns2 Error Model

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Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating that the ns2 error pattern is specified. This problem can have several causes.

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    n corresponds to the models described in chapter 13. ThisBugs can be set along the way to cause packages to fail, as described in various documents.probability distributions. These error patterns are simple and not sure to match what could be seen firsthand on a real satellitechain (especially the fabulous LEO chain). ordinary usersfreely define more complex error blocks that are closer togetherspecific satellite environment.

    The code below is a good example of how to enter an error pattern inLabel:

    set em_ [new error template]$em_ unit pt$em_ set rate_ 0.02$em_ranvar [new random/universal variable]interface error model $node $em_

    They have the option to add an error template to this first interface getting path.node created$nodes (especially between MAC and link layer I would say) -this first HMI usually corresponds to the uplink in combination with the downlinkInterface to a suitable satellite or terminal (if one uplink and/or downlinkexist ).To add the error model in its entirety to another stack (indexed with permission$i$), usethe following code:

    Interface error template $node $em_ $i

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  • This section documents some of the error model objects associated with it several times.NetDevice models are currently supported as part of the network:


  • Evaluation error sample
  • List of error patterns
  • ReceiveListErrorModel
  • BurstErrorModel
  • Mistake women are used to indicate where the package should wrong, depending on the cause (perhaps stochastic orempirical) error model.

    Model Description¶

    The root of code error patterns is displayed in the src/packet/utils directory.

    In general, there are two types of error models. The former are stochasticmodels. In some cases packages will not work depending on the base variable.random distributions. An example of this is RateErrorModel.Various other types of m The divisions are other deterministic or empirical models in whichFailed packets usually follow a certain written pattern.An example is ListErrorModel where users can specifynumber of bad packets by writing specific packet UIDs.

    Complicating ns3::RateErrorModel packages based on base valuerandomly variable distribution that defaults to UniformRandomVariabledistributes a between 0.0 and 1.0. Error rate and device errors (bit,bytes, packet) or user defined. For example, set the ErrorRateAt 0.1 and ErrorUnit you can “pack” about 10% in the long run.Packets lost.


    Error models are ns-3 objects and can be built usingThe associated model is CreateObject<>(). They have customization attributes.

    The ErrorModel can be applied anywhere, it’s common but often usedNetDevice simulates these artificial losses (simulating direct losses)can be called.

    Scope And Restrictions¶

    No known restrictions. There is none andfrom existing ones that many models are trying to modify.the packet it contains (for example, applying byte or bit errors to byte buffers).This type of operation is likely to require a lot of performance and alsoPackage APIs may not make this easy.

    The ns-3 spectrum model and the manufacturers that produce it (eg, LTE).their own base error pattern symbol found in



  • bool ErrorModel::IsCorrupt (Ptr pkt): evaluate this andReturns package true, alias false, regardless of whether the package is considered to be in error.Some patterns may change the contents of the packet bit buffer you see.
  • void ErrorModel::Reset (void): any reset condition.
  • void ErrorModel::Enable (void): enable ErrorModel::Disble
  • void (empty): disable template; IsCorrupt() willalways returns bad.
  • bool ErrorModel::IsEnabled (void) const: returns the enabled state
  • Many ns-3 network devices contain hold attributes that are related to errors.models. The error model is applied last to the theoryethical physical level.All device processing chain and drops must point to PhyRxDrop.The trace source associated with the device. It is common knowledge that the following elements contain the attributewith any available pointer type to store this design and error model style:

  • SimpleNetDevice
  • PointToPointNetDevice
  • CsmaNetDevice
  • Virtual network device
  • However, ErrorModel can certainly be used anywhere packages are clearly used




    What type of data does its model create? What are the key leads?Sources? What type of output log can be enabled?


    Error patterns are used in fifth and sixth leaders.

    The examples/error-model/ directory of the website contains an practice listing error models and evaluate them.



    The device test suite error-model provides a single test casespecific combination of ErrorRate and ErrorUnitRateErrorModel applied one to SimpleNetDevice.


    ns2 error model

    Detecting the transfer of ErrorModel, easy RateErrorModel and ListErrorModel classesfrom ns-2 to ns-3 in 2007. Then ReceiveListErrorModel was addedtime.

    The error packet template is explicitly attributed to Truc Anh N. Nguyen.University of Kansas (James P.G. Sterbenz , Director, ResiliNetsResearch Group (, Information andTelecommunications Technology Center (ITTC) and associated Department of Electrical EngineeringEngineering and Science, University of Kansas Computer Science, Lawrence, Kansas, USA).Work provided in part by the NSF FIND (Future Internet Design) program.courtesy of CNS-0626918 (Postmodern Internet Architecture),NSF Grant CNS-1050226 (Resiliency Analysis of a Multilayer Network andExperiments with GENI), US Department of Defense (DoD) and ITTC inUniversity of Kansas.

    ns2 error model

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    Modelo De Error Ns2
    Ns2 Felmodell
    Модель ошибки Ns2
    Modelo De Erro Ns2
    Ns2 오류 모델
    Modèle D’erreur Ns2
    Model Błędu Ns2
    Modello Di Errore Ns2