Troubleshoot Object Data Sources Update Troubleshooting

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they encountered errors when updating their object data sources.

    You have an ASP.NET page that requires an ObjectDataSource to provide data. Start by looking for a GridView, FormView, or storage control such as CheckboxList or dropdown. When a data access error occurs, when you want to display a nice message on the page so that users understand what’s going on.

    You can easily try to handle errors made by a GridView or FormView using an Update, Select, or Clear condition, but you can end up in almost any position where an ObjectDataSource is dispatched to multiple controls on a page.

    Instead of trying to fix device check errors, implement error handling yourself in the ObjectDataSource using the same procedures. Here’s an example of what I mean:

    And implement all of the above methods oninserted, onupdated, and ondeleted in code-behind.

    objectdatasource update error handling

    In this example,A custom error occurs after my result access code when I try to insert a widget when the widget is already being offered. I also improved each base code to display registration related information if the insert was successful.

    protected void objCurrentRecord_Inserted (sender object, E)If objectdatasourcestatuseventargs (e.Exception! = Null)if (e.Exception.InnerException.Message == “The widget is always available.”)lblResults.Text = e.Exception.InnerException.Message;differentlblResults.Text = e.Exception.Message;// MUST SET EXCEPTIONHANDLED TRUE for the exception to be// considered not returned to the call.e.ExceptionHandled = true;differentlblResults.Text = “Widget added.”;

    There are, of course, several flexible ways to do this: create a method that reads this standard or custom error message and translates it into something meaningful to the user. Invalid

    protected by objCurrentRecord_Updated (object sender, ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs e)if (e.Exception! equals zero)lblResults.Text = e.Exception.Message;// SET must be EXCEPTIONHANDLED TO TRUE for the main exception// not available for the calling control.e.ExceptionHandled underunderstands the truth;differentlblResults.Text = “The widget has been updated.”;

    Getting the correct label error message back usually shouldn’t be of much help to the end user, but it might be better to blog them about the error. Another way to deal with this is to simply display a functional message: “An error occurred while trying, the changes will be saved.”

    objectdatasource update error handling

    I am maintaining objectDataStore when inserting my data records from a form. But as soon as I insert data into the database, I can get an error. When I encounter an error, I want to display it in a field. But are there any practical ideas to get the data back into the aspx file above?

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    Create each handler for the ObjectDataSource Updated event in code-behind. One of the parameters associated with this handler is actually of type ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs. If something else happened during the update, the situation arguments contain an exception object. Most people just need to check that the Exception object is not null and then insert whatever code they want into it.

    Here’s an example with which the proprietary method code is linked:

      protected void MyObjectDataSource_Updated (object sender, ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs e)   If (e.Exception! = Null)            // fill in your field here        lblMessage.Text is equivalent nten e.Exception.Message     

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