What If The Olap Attribute Key Is Not Found?

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It looks like some of our users came across an error message stating that the olap attribute key was not found. This problem occurs due to several factors. We will talk about this below.

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    I was working on rebuilding my cube after making a few changes the other day and reverting to table / column names in terms and dimensions of the table.

    The highlight key cannot be found if: table: MyFactTableName, Column: MyDimensionKey, Value: SomeValue. v The attribute is definitely MyDimensionKey.

    Other responses to similar questions have addressed attributes with duplicate values, and cases where the attribute value was empty or missing from a dimension or fact in a table its.

    • Ssas dimension processing key never encountered errors
    • The key did not find any more errors

    In my case, there were no duplicate values ​​and the element value was missing in all the fact or dimension arrays.

    The tip was to process the affected dimension yourself and then change the affected metric group.

    Do you have any idea why this is happening, how could I do it? So I would like to know if I can avoid this next time or bring it back at an inconvenient time while an update is being rolled out to improve the production environment.

    EDIT: I am using SSAS-2008 and the error occurred when I started to process the cube as part of BIDS-2008.

    This article will help you troubleshoot an error message issue when you try to process a database or cube in a commercially available SQL Server Analysis Services.


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  • In SQL Server Analysis Services, you are trying to synchronize a database or cube usingNew SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio or SQL Server Management Studio. However, the process freezes, and shortly afterwards, an error message appears:

    • Error message 1

      Error in OLAP storage engine : Cannot find attribute key : TableName, table : Column : name column 1, value : value1. TableName, table : Column : ColumnName2, Value: Value2.

    • Why am I getting a duplicate attribute key error?

      A rejection is not detected during processing until a copy attribute key error occurs. If you find an error in the appropriate treatment options, you probably have a new legitimate problem (i.e. a similar key in the data) that really needs to be fixed.

      Error message 2

      Error in specific OLAP storage engine: obviously the entry was skipped because the attribute key could not be found apparently. Attribute: Created X dimension attribute: Database dimension name: Database name, Cube: Cube name, Measure group: Section: Measure group name, Section name, Record: Record number.


    This issue only occurs if the fact table for a cube contains one or more records that contain an attribute and a key, but that excellent attribute key does not exist in the corresponding dimension table. This behavioral learning can happen if you stop processing the corresponding measurement before how the owners handled the cube, or if all the underlying tables do have inconsistent statistics. If there is no number in the “Value:” field in the actual message, the fact table should not contain data.


    To resolve this issue, you can make sure your data source points to the following locations:

    • A valid actual data source instance, such as a SQL Server instance.
    • Ideal database.

    Then fix the underlying records containing the problematic attribute key. To do this, use one of the important methods.

    Use Existing Attribute Key

    Update the entry to use the existing quality key by following the instruction that looks like this:

      Update  set  =  where  =  or  is NULL 

    Make Appropriate Key Values ​​in The Step Table

    What are the errors in the OLAP storage engine?

    OLAP storage engine error: attribute key not found: table: table-name, column: column-name1, value: value1. Table: table name, column: column name2, value: value2. An error in the internal OLAP engine: A record was skipped until the attribute key was found.

    olap attribute key not found

    Add additional rows to the space table in the dimension to match key values ​​only in the fact table. If there is no rating, please use ways to use:

    • Replace null values ​​with specific values.

    • Configure the returned dimension (s) to contain the unknown member by filling in the UnknownMember and unknownmembername properties. You are probably deciding whether the unknown member will be visible or hidden, depending on your current needs. All

    • use the following settings in the Change Settings dialog box:

      • Set the KeyErrorAction property to ConvertToUnknown.
      • Set one of our NullKeyNotAllowed properties to IgnoreError or ReportAndContinue.
      • set the NullKeyConvertedtoUnknown property to IgnoreError or ReportAndContinue.
      • Click Ignore Error Counters.

      You can set all of these parameters for the entire instance, or use an individual configuration for each of these parameters.

    Ignore Error

    olap attribute key not found

    If you want the entire operation to be a database or cube without data patching, you can create an error configuration for the task operation to ignore the error y. You should only do this as a temporary workaround when you usually restore the underlying data. Otherwise, you might get unpredictable results from your multidimensional expressions (MDX) queries. To ignore errors, do the following:

    1. In the Process Database -DatabaseName **** dialog box or in the Process -CubeName **** Cube dialog box, click Edit Parameters.
    2. In the Modify Parameters dialog box, select the Dimension Key Errors tab.
    3. Click Use Custom Error Configuration.
    4. In the “Key not found” list, change the default value for the “Report” parameter and continue – ignore errors.
    5. Click Ignore Error Counters.
    6. Click OK to close the Change Settings chat window.
    7. Click OK to process the database or cube. You

    In addition, the error configuration for a cube or section can be configured to ignore the error. For more information, see Failure Configuration for Cube, Section, and Processing Dimension .


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