What Is Python Win32 Getusername And How To Fix It?

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you solve the problem with python win32 getusername.

    Import ctypes def get_data(EXTENDED_NAME_FORMAT: int):   GetUserNameEx is equivalent to ctypes.windll.secur32.GetUserNameExW.    Data EXTENDED_NAME_FORMAT =    Size = ctypes.pointer(ctypes.c_ulong(0))    GetUserNameEx(data, none, size)     nameBuffer = ctypes.create_unicode_buffer(size.contents.value)   GetUserNameEx(data, namebuffer, size)    RevenueNameBuffer.valueprint("UnknownName: ", get_data(0))print("NameFullyQualifiedDN to", get_data(1))print("CompatibleSamName: ", get_data(2))print("Display name: centimeters, get_data(3))print("NameUniqueId: ", get_data(6))print("CanonicalName: ", get_data(7))print("username: ", get_data(8))print("CanonicalExName: ", get_data(9))print("NameServicePrincipal: ins, get_data(10))print("DnsDomainName: ', get_data(12))
    Unknown name:-NameFullyQualifiedDN: CN=Tomasevic Milovan (TomasevicM),OU=Engineering,DC=Microsoft,DC=ComCompatibleSamName: MicrosoftTomasevichMDisplay name: TomaÅ¡ević MilovanUniqueNameId: 4fa050f0-f561-11cf-bdd9-00aa003a77b6CanonicalName: Microsoft.Com/Engineering/Tomasevic (TomasevicM)milovan main username: [email protected]: Microsoft.Com/Engineering Tomasevic (TomasevicM)Name of service provider Milovan:DnsDomainName: Microsoft.ComTomasevichM


  • NameUnknown: Unknown name type.
  • NameFullyQualifiedDN: full name (e.g. Smith,OU=Users,DC=Engineering,DC=Microsoft,DC=Com) cn=jeff.
  • NameSamCompatible: old name nThe user for the account (for example, EngineeringJSmith). The domain-only version displays a backslash ().
  • NameDisplay: A “friendly” display name (for example, Jeff Smith). The display name is not necessarily a defining relative distinguished name (RDN) type.
  • NameUniqueId: GUID string returned by the IIDFromString function (for example, 4fa050f0-f561-11cf-bdd9-00aa003a77b6).
  • NameCanonical: The fully qualified canonical name (for example, engineering.microsoft.com/software/someone). The domain-only version includes a trailing slash (/).
  • nameuserprincipal: Primary user ID (for example, [email protected]).
  • NameCanonicalEx: Same as NameCanonical, except that the rightmost front end (/) is replaced by every newline character (n), even in the case of just a domain (e.g. engineering.microsoft. com/software nJ.Smith).
  • NameServicePrincipal: General information about the service principal (for example, www/[email protected]).
  • NameDnsDomain: DNS domain username followed by a backslash and each of our SAM usernames.
  • Requirements

  • Minimum paymentSupported client: Windows 2003 Professional [desktop applications only]
  • Minimum secure server: Windows Server 2000 [desktop software only]
  • Headers: secext.h (including Security.h)
  • Here are concrete examples of the Win32api.GetUserName Python API from selected open source projects. By voting, you can indicate which examples are most often most useful and relevant.

    Example 1

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    python win32 getusername

     outl setUpSACL(self):        sacl = win32security.ACL()        sid, _, _ = win32security.LookupAccountName(No, win32api.GetUserName())        sacl.AddAuditAccessAceEx(            win32security.ACL_REVISION_DS,           Win32 Security .OBJECT_INHERIT_ACE | win32security.CONTAINER_INHERIT_ACE,            ntsecuritycon.FILE_ALL_ACCESS,            sid,            eleven        )        win32security.SetNamedSecurityInfo(            auto.TEST_ROOT, win32security.SE_FILE_OBJECT,            win32security.SACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION,            No, no, no, sakl        )

    Example 2

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  • def GetUserName():    To attempt:        return win32api.GetUserName()   Other than win32api.error, the details are:        Number of "Access Denied" errors here for getting non-local users (presumably        # without a local connection license). Getthe most important full qualification        # username, although a side effect of this permission denied error        the number is the lack of python codecs, which is why printing the unicode value failed.       # Obviously return repr() and entire codecs.        return view(win32api.GetUserNameEx(win32api.NameSamCompatible))

    Example 3

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    def GetInfo(userName=None):    "Output 3 new user information"   if userName is considered None: userName=win32api.GetUserName()    Art print "Reset Level 3 User Information"    = responds win32net.NetUserGetInfo(server, username, 3)   For the val key in info.items():        c verbose("%s=%s" (key,val))

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