Tips To Recover Raw Codec For Windows Live Photo Gallery

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If you have a raw codec for Windows Live Photo Gallery, this article should help you.

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    Canon RAW Codec is a software plug-in that typically allows you to import and view Canon RAW image files when running on Windows 8 32-bit / Windows 7 32-bit (including SP1) / Windows Vista (including SP1 / SP2) 32 -bit version / Windows XP (including SP3) 32-bit version (*).

    On Inside Live today, Windows spokesman Brad Weed announced the release of a new codec pack for Microsoft cameras. This allows you to display RAW-enabled photo file models in Windows 7 (Windows Explorer) or in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Since I take a lot of photos and manage these types of photos with Photo Gallery, I decided to write a blog post about the process of using RAW with support for the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.

    First of all, you need the Microsoft Codec Pack QFE2 update for Windows Live Essentials 2011 to work with Windows Live Photo Gallery. To install this major update, go to and run Windows Live Setup. Windows Live Essentials will appear if QFE2 is not installed. And if it’s installed by private individuals, it doesn’t have to tell you what to fix. If you are not using Photo Gallery, you can view RAW files in File Explorer Windows by installing our Microsoft Codec Pack separately from the Microsoft Download Center. However, you must have QFE2 installed for Windows Live Essentials for RAW photo support to work properly.

    If QFE2 is installed, Windows Live Photo Gallery detects when you purchase photos in one of the recommended Photo Raw file formats and notifies you that a codec pack is available for download. Of course, you want to choose downloads and installs!

    raw codec for windows live photo gallery

    One product to keep in mind is that Photo Gallery will not prompt you to install the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack if your company has installed third-party photographic RAW codecs such as Nikon or Canon.

    After installing the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack, you will be able to view RAW photos in the photo gallery as well as in Windows Explorer. If you also import RAW images from your camera, they usually show up in the Photo and Video Import Wizard, which will most likely choose which ones you want to import (see screenshot below).

    When you double-click a RAW photo in Photo Gallery and want to edit it, Photo Gallery tells you that you really need to make JPEG copies of the photo. You use Make to replicate JPEG or JPEG-XR (also known as HD photo) for video / photo editing. This includes the ability to remove red-eye, color and image adjustments.

    raw codec for windows live photo gallery

    Sometimes you can imagine that RAW photos are like “negatives” of your current photos, where you can always go back to the original, but have as many copies as possible with various modifications and optimizations.

    Personally, I often make a copy of a complete photograph and add a black and white effect that allows me to write a black and white photograph. But since I have a RAW photograph in color, I can always go back to color photography if I want to!I actually like to match the color palette of my photographs. Again, it’s great that you can go back to the original and create that one (although the photo gallery allows you to undo any changes and then also make a JPEG copy!).

    RAW photo gallery files allow users to add tags, geotags, sayings and descriptive tags to photographs of modern people. And this data is also protected when creating a JPEG copier!

    Does Microsoft Photos support raw files?

    The Raw Image extension provides native Windows 10 support for previewing rudimentary files, according to Microsoft.mats from “many digital cameras of medium and high class”. Once installed, Windows Explorer and the Photos app in Windows 10 support previewing thumbnail metadata for this raw image save data.

    Overall, the Photo Gallery Ideas and Templates that handle photos on Windows 7 PCs just got even better!