There Is A Problem With The Stata Reg No Observations Error

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This article was created to help you if you receive the “Stata reg no Observations” error code.

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    A type conflict means that you are trying to number something with lines, or vice versa. In your examples, the year may be an actual string variable in one way or another. If so, remove the year, replace it. While debugging: Stata may stop with an error message as soon as a serious problem occurs.

    How does Stata deal with missing data?

    How Stata handles missing data at Stata Systems. Typically, Stata statements that perform any computation process the missing data by skipping the leading line with the missing values.

    Sorry for using my student type as username. I asked the admin to match it to my name. Thanks for your answers to all my questions.

    Fernando: The personal data is structured in such a way that if there are indeed PPE1 values, then there will be no PPE2, PPE3, PPE4 and PPE5 values. However, each company will have a value associated with them (PPE1, PPE2, PPE3, PPE4, and PPE5) and 4 more will have low morale. I only want one fix for the presentation of the results. Apart from running 5 completely different regressions, is there a way to run the regression with them in mind?

    Nick: None of the criteria is a string – there are still many missing values ​​in the data.

    2 questions:
    1. There will be only one market price for each vendor for PPE1, PPE2, PPE3, PPE4, and PPE5 – there are no values ​​for the other four. In general, is there a way aboutexplain this during the regression?
    2. How can I immediately take into account the panel structure in my regression?

    … count if you think it is missing (PRICE, BV, NI, PPE1, PPE2, PPE3, PPE4, PPE5)

    Thanks even more for your help.

     This issue occurs repeatedly when Excel creates blank sprouts. As others simply suggest, the variable is interpreted as a string. You can easily convert our own variable to numeric using the live command. Alternatively, you can replace an empty cell with Era (.), Which will be interpreted as a single missing value. BTW, why not just save the Surpass file as a tab-delimited ASCII file. Applause!Michael ----- Original message -----From: Roger Newson Href = "mailto: roger [ mailto: [email protected] ]Sent: Tue 5/18/2004 10:19 PM Statalist @ hsphsun2at: .harvard.eduSS:Subject: st: Re: no commentsAt 16:02 -04: 00 on May 18, 2004, Cheryl wrote:> Hello,>> I hope someone can help me with the following problem:> I followed these instructions to get my contact details from Stata> 1. How to activate statistics from Excel information?> On a computer with Windows or Macintosh> Start Excel.> Enter the data lines and press OR to play the previously saved file.> Highlight the current data of interest, expand the change and select> Copy.> Start Stata continue data entry (enter editor if Stata is deployed> in progress).> Paste into Writer by dragging Edit and choosing Paste>> Small problem is that the entry is probably not available in the dropdown menu.> Menu in the order I clicked on the floppy is here>> now the real problem could be:>. edit> (32 50 vars, obs copied and pasted in the editor)> e.g. save>>. And save "c:  Documents Settings  Cherry Spinner  Cheryl Spinner  My> Documents  Columbia  Thesis  usnwr3.dta "> File and c:  Document Settings  Cheryl Spinner  Cheryl Spinner  My> Documents  Columbia  Thesis  usnwr3.dta saved>. Total Reg Base Points> no comments> g (2000);>> If you insert 50 observations, why are there no observations?> All my data except headers are numeric values.>> What am I doing wrong and what do I want to do?I suspect that Stata assumes that the overall score or base is equal to a. is anString laneChangeable. Before entering the reg.describeand stata lists the variables this task thinks it has. If the viewThe variable starts with "str", then Stata reads it as a string variable,and without digital adjustment. Sometimes this happens after you typenon-numeric characters in a numeric operating line.Hope this can help.Roger-Roger NewsonSenior Lecturer in Medical StatisticsInstitute of Public Health SciencesKing's College London5th floor, main townhouseWeston Street 42London SE1 3QDUnited KingdomTel .: 020 7848 6648 International +44 20 7848 020 6648Fax: 7848 6620 International +44 approximately 7848 6620or 020 7848 6605 International +44 20 7848 6605Email: [email protected]: opinions expressed are those of the non-author, the institution.** For research aid during the test:***** To find and get help, try:***

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