Suggestions For Fixing Windows 2000 Professional Blue Screen Of Death

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You should read these troubleshooting methods when you receive the Windows 2000 Professional Blue Screen of Death error code.

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    Fortunately, Windows 1500 makes it easier to deal with the blue screen of death of the computer. Like Windows 9x, Windows 2000 allows you to immediately put the system into safe mode in the event of an error. Safe Mode usually prevents Windows 2000 from freezing on a blue screen by loading a really minimal set of drivers and services.

    Diagram A
    Different sections of the Vital BSOD contain troubleshooting information.

    I’m sure you know about the Win2000 bug. I’m using OSX and Linux hasn’t installed Win Machine 2000 for a while.

    But the second part of most of your Linux questions should be serious in order to be able to help or at least give your opinion.

    UbuntuLinux is pretty cool, I usually like LTS (Long Term Version Support). Linux Mint is also very special, I like Linux Mint more and more as it continues to support the Gnome desktop and other things I like.

    Can a computer virus cause blue screen of death?

    Some viruses can cause a Blue Screen of Death, especially those that corrupt the Master Boot Record (MBR) or possibly the boot sector. Most blue screens of death are potentially hardware related, so updated drivers can fix the exact cause of the STOP error.

    Both distributions are relatively easy to use and can be installed and burned to CD……

    You can find any of these distributions by booting from the CD and selecting the Live CD mode, it will start from the CD late but will allow you to explore how the system works and feels in use.

    How do I fix the blue screen of death on Windows 2000?

    When you think of this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen also appears, do the following: Finally, make sure you have enough disk space. If the driver is identified as part of the stop message, disable the vehicle or contact the manufacturer if the driver is up to date.

    If you decide to install, you should make a backup immediately, at least save any informational music/user documentation, etc. Once installed on your hard drive, the master’s shoes and boots will be changed, making them even more difficult for complete removal. If you’re not likely to use Windows 2000 anymore, you can wipe your hard drive and clean install the Linux distribution of your choice. If you’re thinking about a new Linux, it’s worth a try.

    How do you fix a blue screen that shuts down?

    Download and install the latest hardware drivers for this computer from the web.Website of your computer manufacturer. This approach can resolve BSODs caused by issues with authorized drivers. Start in safe mode. If you see a blue screen when you turn on your computer, try starting it in safe mode.

    Some packages You often need to install in the software center, such as limited additional codecs for music, etc. K3b, a CD burning application, and Gnome-DO, which is still a bit of a mercury for Mac production. .. .. . also other unpatched programs. For example, Gpodder for my podcasts.

    Try the Live CD first to see if you like it. I have been using Ubuntu for many years now and use Linux Mint.

    What is the most likely cause of a Windows error blue screen of death?

    Typically, BSODs are the result of software or hardware problems with drivers. Recording apps sometimes cause you to blue screen disappear when they are broken or buggy. Windows dumps a so-called good minidump file when a BSOD occurs. However, in most cases, Windows always restarts when a blue screen occurs.

    I even installed Ubuntu on my parents’ outdated laptop, and these people have been enjoying it for several years now. To view e-mail around the world will be fine.

    windows 2000 professional blue screen of death

    My only suggestion would be to upgrade your RAM… 512MB works with Linux of course, but that’s usually the bare minimum. You can almost also try using a more compact distribution such as Xbuntu (XFCE desktop) for operating systems with little memory.

    windows 2000 professional blue screen of death

    You will be offered updates from time to time, these types of updates are normal.

    You must also download someone else’s ISO files for burning to CD directly.Directly from the Ubuntu or Linux Mint websites.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Scan your computer for errors and fix them automatically

  • I hope this information helps you. Linux takes a little getting used to, in fact, most people I know personally find it easy to use, more secure and once learned as it’s more than their old laptop or computer that came with Windows Vis.


    startbluescreen.00 – Starts the blue screen of death (BSOD) on the Windows operating system.
    Copyright (c) a few years ago Nir Sofer


    This tool seems to allow a person to disable a feature of the Windows operating system by throwing the blue screen of death.through 5 parameters, of which individuals specify the command line.

    How does he train?

    StartBlueScreen.exe loads a very small authorized driver device named NirSoftBlueScreenDriver.sys which eventually calls the Crash API function.Windows Kernel (KeBugCheckEx) with 5 crash factors you would normally specify on the command line.


    This utility fully works on Windows 2000, Windows Windows XP, Server 2002 and Windows Vista (32 bit).StaOther Windows modes are not supported.Also, you must be logged in as an administrator to trigger the blue screen of death.

    Use utility

    To get a giant blue screen, you need to specify parameters on the StartBlueScreen.exe command line
    If you run StartBlueScreen.exe without the recommended command line options, your system will not crash.

    The first command line option defines most of the error checking code.You can see the listing codes here.The remaining 4 parameters specify additional error checking options that are displayed during a blue screen crash.For all 0 parameters, you can specify a leading decimal number (for example: 1234) and a hexadecimal number (for example: 0x04d2).
    Here are some examples:
    StartBlueScreen.exe 0x10 0x1111 0x2222 0x4444
    StartBlueScreen 0x3333.exe 25.30 1234 2222
    StartBlueScreen 1111.exe 0x12 7 0 0 0


    By default, while Bluescreen.crash is active, Windows XP creates a memory reuse file and then immediately reboots, I would say, the system,So you don’t have much time to see the bright blue screen.If you want to cancel onlineain-reboot after a crash, right-click My Computer and select”Properties” and in this case go to “Advanced” -> “Startup” and “Dependency Repair” and uncheck “Automatically restart”.


    This energy provider has been released as free software.You can freely download this energy company on floppy disk, CD-ROM,Internet, perhaps in other ways, if you do not charge for it.If you distribute this method utility, you must provide all registration informationpackage, distribution kit without configuration!

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